SCO Del Ex. - 2019


i. Host country disaster management mechanisms for the acceptance, arrival, coordination and utilization of international assistance.

ii. National and international alert and notification procedures.

iii. Mobilization of international USAR and EMT assets.

iv. In-country arrival of international assistance teams and establishment of a Reception/Departure Centre (RDC).

v. Consular assistance to foreign nationals in the affected area.

vi. Joint operations planning by national and international response elements, including the Local Emergency Management Authority (LEMA), in the OSOCC.

vii. Coordinated assessment and information management functions.

viii. Special needs of vulnerable population i.e. women, children and people with disabilities.

ix. Cluster and inter-cluster coordination arrangements.

x. Strengthen capabilities in all aspects of disaster management among SCO member countries.

xi. Sharing best Disaster Management practices among SCO member countries.